Vera Nanda Putri and Jun's love story wasn't an easy journey.

It all began when Vera, who is from Indonesia, was fascinated with Korean culture after watching the variety show Running Man, and had a strong desire to learn the Korean language after. She traveled in 2015 to South Korea to take up a language course at the Seoul National University. That's where she met Jun, a graphic designer.

Their feelings started to develop over time and after a while, they became an official couple. Although they knew that what they had was real, Vera had her doubts because of their differences in culture and religion.

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But their story proves that if you really are serious about being with the person you love, you'll find a way to make it through even if people tell the two of you that that's impossible. And last February 28, Vera and Jun tied the knot, with respect of course to both their roots. How lovely!

People will always tell you that some things are impossible, but when the heart really wants what it wants, it will make a way and help you conquer every hurdle you encounter along the way. Vera and Jun's love story proves that.

So when people tell you that it's impossible to find your Korean oppa, let them read this. This won't change their minds, but this will let them know how strong the power of true love is. 

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