Beating your self up over falling for the wrong person? Feeling guilty about having a little crush even if you’re already in a relationship? Stop being so hard on yourself. Life is too short for you to sweat (or fight about) about the small stuff.

Here, we count down a few other things you shouldn’t have to apologize for.

5. Not giving up your non-negotiables


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He wants you to stay in the country; you want to pursue opportunities abroad. He’s constantly jealous of your testosterone-laden best friend, but you’re not willing to give that friendship up. You’re not wrong to stand your ground. While compromise is an important part of every relationship, there are some things that you just have to put your foot down on. Whatever they are is entirely up to you. Define your non-negotiables. Make a list of all the things that matter most to you and discuss them with your partner. By keeping your communication lines open, you and your man will be able to understand each other better.

4. Being a little jealous
Being downright possessive and unreasonably paranoid is a sure way to ruin your relationship, but a little jealousy can be good for you—as long as you keep it under control. According to, it helps keep you from taking your partner for granted.

3. Crushing on someone else while you’re in a relationship

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Just because you’re already taken doesn’t mean Brad Pitt or your favorite neighborhood barista will stop looking hot. Crushes happen even in happy, fulfilled marriages. According to The Huffington Post writer Jeannie Muchnick, who admits to crushing on her younger allergist while her husband crushes on Amy Adams, experts say that it’s totally harmless as long as you keep your crush in “fantasy” mode and that you tell your significant other about it.

2. Falling for the wrong guy
It’s happened to the best of people. Think Jennifer Anniston, Miranda Kerr, or this woman whose fiancé flaked out on her a week before their wedding. But while your ex may not have given you the happy ending that you wanted—he may not have even made you happy for the most part of your relationship—you’re at least stronger, wiser, and definitely all the better for it.

1. Letting “the one” get away


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He was your best friend, your constant companion, your wonder wall, but you weren’t ready to settle down, so you broke up. Years later and his Facebook account says he’s married with a lovely wife and three gorgeous kids, while you’re still single and searching for your life partner. Now, it may sound like you got the short (and bitter) end of the stick, but there’s a reason you two didn’t work out. Just because he’s got it all together doesn’t mean that things would have fallen into place for your relationship had you stayed. Be happy for him, and go about being happy with your life as well.

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