This isn’t a story of love. This is not a sad story either, because we're not supposed to feel that way. We shouldn’t be feeling anything. It was another ordinary day for the two of us. I was so busy with my own life and so were you.

We have been riding the same bus for I do not know how long. Until one day I noticed you. But I never dared to sit beside you.


The attraction that I feel for you should be eradicated right away because that’s what loyal hearts should do. But I can’t help recognizing you every time I ride that stupid bus. Every. Single. Time.

One busy Monday morning, the only empty seat was beside you. So I awkwardly sat beside you and I stupidly browsed my phone. I even tried pretending to be asleep. I was portraying the resting bitch face the entire time I was riding the bus. There shouldn’t be any trace of a smile coming from my face.

And it was so weird; it felt like it was the longest ride I ever had. I thought I could get rid of you after hopping out of the bus–but no, you were riding the same van I was riding. You were working next to the building where I was working. Funny as it may seem, but sometimes, gravity pulls you in directions you don’t want to go. And we’ll be like this every single day.

We will remain strangers.

We should remain like this. I should never know your name. You should never know mine. Sometimes, I wonder if you also see me. If you’re hoping that I’ll sit again on the empty seat beside you. But no, I hope that you will never recognize my presence and I hope that I will never find out the answers to all of the questions in my head.

This isn’t fate.

I suppose, this is a test on our loyal hearts. Our story ended even before it started. So to the man who has a beautiful smile, I must say goodbye even if we haven’t said our hellos.

*Minor edits have been made by the editors

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