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It's been a year since we had our last conversation. I loved you with all my heart. You were the person who gave me a lot of moments to treasure that I thought would last a lifetime.

We had two wonderful years together. I must say that you really made me feel special and loved—I gave my all and forgot to leave some for myself.


I even forgot that I had friends, and I forgot that there were other things out there that can also make me happy, not just you. I also failed to remember the dreams I had for myself. Ever since we've been together, I always made sure that you were part of my future plans, and I think that’s a part of being in love.

All I ever did was to make my world revolve around you–until it destroyed me. You left me without any kind of explanation. You suddenly didn't respond to any texts or calls, and you did not reach out to see me even though my place was just a 5-minute drive from your house. It lasted for a week until I decided to stop feeling bad about it. It was hard, though.

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After a month I received a text message of ‘sorry and take care.’ I think that was the closure. But there were more questions left in my mind. You never answered any of the questions that I asked.

After another month, you went to my office, and I saw you still have my name tattooed on your arm. There I was, hoping that you'll let me in your life again. You never did. But weirdly enough, you always send me messages, and sometimes, you call me up. These actions make me more confused, and allowed me to hope that what we had before will be back.

Another month has passed, and the calls and texts messages stopped coming. I texted you goodbye, and I decided to move on with my life. Now, I am currently single for more than a year, and not ready for another commitment just yet.


Prayers helped me move on, but I am afraid to open my heart again. I am hesitant to love and trust a guy again, and I’m going to guard my heart. But despite of the heartache, I know I am happier. I am stronger, and I am pursuing my goals independently. I am now smarter than I was before.

I realized that everything happens for a reason. W
e need to experience pain in order for us to know that there are greater things in store for us.

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