It’s the proposal to end all proposals. When Dean Smith realized that his girlfriend, Jennifer Kessel, was the one he wanted to spend his whole life with, he came up with the perfect way to ask for her hand in marriage. Every day for a whole year, beginning on her birthday, January 8, Smith would ask Kessel to marry him using a whiteboard and a marker.

So began 365 days’ worth of proposals. Smith recorded videos of himself with a new message on his whiteboard every single day while doing all sorts of different things: eating breakfast, playing with the dog, crashing on the couch with a friend. He compiled all of them just in time for his girlfriend’s birthday the following year. Check out the very sweet video below!

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Can’t get enough of this engagement story? Check out these other beautiful proposal stories from BridalBook!

1. Three Proposals and a Wedding
Some brides tearfully recall the story of how their husbands proposed but Tere has, not one, but three tales to tell. “The first proposal came as a surprise to me because we were just having harmless post-dinner coffee at Dome,” she says. She and her man JP were joking about who they’d want as godparents should they ever get married when JP asked her if she’d marry him.

The second proposal came when preps for the wedding got delayed because of family problems. Once things got underway, JP presented her with a beautiful engagement ring and asked her to marry him again.

The third time was what Tere calls a storybook proposal. “While we were in Osaka for my 27th birthday, we rode the Tempozan Ferris Wheel. As we approached the apex, he got down on one knee and proposed again. I immediately said yes, and my overwhelmed heart laboring under acrophobia made me hug him tighter than ever before.”

2. Treasure Hunt
Ben and Mannel were supposed to meet at Tiffany & Co., but when Mannel showed up, Ben was nowhere to be seen. Instead, she was handed an envelope with a clue that led her to a Manolo Blahnik boutique. There, the bride-to-be received another clue.

Eventually, Mannel found herself back at their place where a trail of white rose petals led her to the backyard. There, on a table laden with flowers, champagne glasses, and a Tiffany box, another clue awaited her. Inside the box was not a ring, but a quote from Sex and the City's Mr Big: “That's why you need a diamond to seal the deal.” As Mannel read it, Ben came up behind her to finally propose.

3. The Facebook Fail
Carlo had wanted to propose to Heidi on one of their trips, but he posted about it on Facebook by mistake. Needless to say, Heidi found out about the plan, and so Carlo had to change his tactics. The opportunity came when they had to do a shoot in Bellarocca Island Resort. As soon as they arrived, Heidi found a trail of flowers leading to a room—and Carlo was there to finally stage a successful proposal.

4. A Surprise from Singapore
Mark had a new job in Singapore, while Barb stayed in the Philippines, but before he left, he already started planning his proposal. He enlisted the help of family and friends to stage an unforgettable proposal in front of the University of Santo Tomas' (UST) main building. Mark booked a flight home, but he fooled Barb into thinking that he was still in Singapore and asked her to run an errand that involved going to UST. When Barb finally got there, Mark, together with his college choir mates, surprised her with a song number and a heartfelt proposal.

5. Playing Decoys
Blue wanted to surprise Melanie so he talked to her about being decoys or accomplices to one of their friend's proposal. However, it was actually the other way around. “I was first blindfolded by my friend. When we got to the venue, I was waiting for my friend to propose but it was Blue who surprised me with his proposal,” says Melanie.

PHOTO: Jason Corey/Flickr Creative Commons; GIFS:

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