While a budding office romance can be exciting, you have to keep in mind that you two are in a professional environment. Here are the simple rules you need to think of.

Don’t flirt over email.
Although it may seem like a private way to communicate with your significant other, it’s still dangerous. Digital life expert Christen Rochon says, “No matter what that tiny disclaimer says at the bottom of your email signature, company emails are never private (just ask Hillary Clinton). Ultimately, company emails can be accessed by your boss at any given time (unless you're dating the office IT guy) and can be used to determine your time management value and contribution to the company.”

Also, you wouldn’t want to risk accidentally sending a naughty email to your boss–or worse, to everyone working in the company, right?

Check the HR Handbook.
The best way to avoid any slip-ups is to look at the office guidelines when it comes to office romance. Once you decide to pursue a colleague, talk to the HR department so you two could discuss the boundaries of the relationship you’re planning to build.

Be careful of what you post on social media.
While some companies allow budding office romances to happen at work, there are some who implement strict rules when it comes to dating a co-worker. Nothing is safe on social media, and if you want to keep your job, its best you restrain you and your beau from constantly posting photos and status updates regarding your relationship.

Also, you would want to avoid any nosy and gossipy friends on Facebook so think before you post.

Work comes first.
The office is not a place to get hot and heavy. You may think that it’s okay to sneak to one of the meeting rooms for some alone time, but once you’re caught you could either get suspended for it or worse, get fired. If you focus on your new found love interest, you’ll most likely slack on your priorities and responsibilities at work.


PHOTO: Pixabay

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