We know Tinder has been around for a while now, but how many of you have actually tried it and how
many of you want to try it but are too intimidated
? If you belong to the first group, then we’d love to hear how it worked for you! But if you belong to the latter, then we have just the details you need! We asked two "Tinderellas" to create their own accounts on Tinder. Read on to find out if their story ends happily ever after!

*KELLY, 27

First impressions
I’ve heard of Tinder quite a long time ago, but I was reluctant to try it. I was in fear of people in my social circles judging me. I never liked the idea of going on a ‘hunting spree’ for a guy. I still like it the old-fashioned way—meeting a guy through a friend or something with a more human touch. Talking to a stranger (especially when it involves the Internet) gave me goosebumps, but when I finally mustered my courage, I downloaded the app and started browsing.

I’ve already set my mind that nothing serious would come out of it because I was hesitant to believe that there are decent people you could meet through an app, especially a dating app. I’ve heard of many horror stories, and I was not up for that. I made sure that I didn't give any personal deets, and when the dreaded ‘meet and greet’ or as netizens call it, eyeball, came, I would make sure to have friends watch over me from a short distance.

The Mechanics
Tinder detects or ‘showcases’ the guys that are near your location, and it also says if you have shared friends and interests. Thus, I did courtesy swipes to some guys whom I shared some friends with. There were also a handful of cuties that deserved a swipe-right, but there were some whom I assume are ‘mabait’ in person, if you know what I mean.


In Tinder, you can talk to a person only when you both ‘liked’ each other, so that alone will keep you away from the creeps. I think I was very selective of my ‘likes’ because I thought my swipe-rights were of high value (haha!). I got a few matches, and we started talking.

I’m lucky the guys I encountered harmless. I’m pretty thankful I did not encounter sleazy douchebags. We talked about work and hobbies; again, no details that will peel off my personal shell. I don’t want to go into details, but I gained a friend. There were no romantic sparks, but that’s fine. I’m actually relieved that there was no pressure to click. Plus, I could sense the sincerity in the friendship.

I’ve stopped swiping. :)

*JANE, 28

Fear at First Swipe
Joining Tinder was absolutely terrifying. My hands were clammy and I could feel my face burning up even though it was impossible for any of my co-workers to know what I had just done. As a naturally shy person, I felt that I was exposing myself for all the world—well, the world within a 50-mile radius—to see!

Tip: When you create a Tinder account, the app accesses your Facebook and uses three of four of your already existing profile photos. You should be fast enough to disable discovery to keep you hidden from the Tinder world until you’ve figured out the best photos and the best description to use.

I don’t really like guys who pose with a drink in hand. Nor do I go for those who take selfies at the gym. Posing with a kid is cute, but it makes me wonder if the child is his or not. There were so many pa turn-off photos, so it took a while before I finally found someone that compelled me to swipe right. He was cute, 31, and into a lot of sports. But more importantly, we were a match! After him though came the odd bug that matched me with prospects I had most certainly passed on. It happened too many times, so I eventually deleted my account and started from scratch. Tinder worked so much better the second time around. When I reached nine matches, I switched on to undiscoverable mode.

Tinder is actually very enlightening in a way that it kind of shows you what kind of guys you’re really into. Before trying this app, I wasn’t really aware that I had a type. It’s also very liberating in a way because even if you’re not looking to be in a relationship, there are tons of guys who are on Tinder just to meet more friends. Shocker. I know. Then again, it’s also likely that you’ll meet men who are only after one thing and couples who are “experimenting.”

You also won’t get to converse with all your matches. Of the nine matches, I only talked to two, but as decent as they were, a conversation on an app could only be sustained for so long. Eventually, you'll have to move to a new platform or let the connection die a natural death. I have friends who went on Tinder and actually clicked with the guys they matched with, friends who weren't looking but found a real enough connection to actually date in real life. Is that something I'm ready for? Let me check my messages and I'll get back to you. ;)

* Names have been changed

(1. Photo by Lenny van Dijk via Flickr Creative Commons 2. Photo by Jose Wolff via Flickr Creative Commons 3. Photo by greyframe via Flickr Creative Commons)

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