The heat is on this summer—and we don’t just mean the recent onslaught of hot weather! Kick the temperature up a notch and take advantage of the great outdoors with your significant other courtesy of  FN’s summer date suggestions.

couples_guide_to_summer_dates_couple.jpgGO ON A PICNIC

Picnics are traditional summer date fare for a reason. Prepare the sandwiches, pack those red-and-white checked blankets, and head for the nearest picnic area. Since parks are hard to come by in the city (they’re not a stone’s throw away, unfortunately; or if they are, they’re not exactly clean and green), you can even stay in your own backyard (provided, of course, that it has green grass and some form of shade). The heat of the sun becomes relatively bearable with the breeze blowing against your hair, good food tucked neatly into your stomach, and great company.
FN Tip: Need help with your picnic food? Try’s recipes for chicken pop salad and special BLT sandwiches.


Go the cultural route and take your honey to a concert or play. For those who’d like to feel the summer sun against their skin, aim for open venues. The rest can escape the heat in the usual air-conditioned locations. Plays and musicals have become increasingly popular over the last few years, but if you're a newbie to the theater, check out FN's guide to the stage. For entertainment with a twist, contact your local community organizers and find out if your neighborhood is staging any events like mini-concerts or even karaoke night. Indulge your inner diva and dare your partner to participate with you! Your performance may not be spectacular (or may be spectacularly bad) but you’ll laugh about it afterward. Who knows? He just might have fun too.

FN Tip: Having trouble checking concert and play schedules? Spot.PH lists some of them in its events calendar.

TAKE A TRIP's article on fun summer dates encourages couples to go on a mystery trip. Take out a map of the city and reawaken your sense of adventure by shutting your eyes and pointing somewhere on the map at random. For the more daring couples, grab a map of the Philippines (or aim big and bring out that world map instead). A spontaneous trip to an exotic place might just be what you and your man need to keep your relationship sizzling.

FN Tip: No matter how adventurous you are, a little bit of planning goes a long way. Get the lowdown on the latest travel essentials with this FN article. Neither does your trip have to break the bank. Check out FN’s budget guide to Hong Kong, Macau, and Guangdong for an example of how to do international travel with minimum spending.


They say that you never forget how to ride a bike. Time to put that to the test this summer by going on a bike date with your honey. From riding side by side to getting a tandem bike, your blood will be pumping in no time. According to this article, cycling is a form of aerobic exercise that improves your mood and helps you lose weight. Biking, then, gives you the perfect excuse to have fun and stay fit, all while improving your relationship with your man.
FN Tip: Whether you’re buying or renting a bike, you’ll need to find a park that suits your cycling needs. This article gives you ten choices.


Admit it. You might have claimed it’s cheesy in public but we all know you’ve dreamed of lying down on the grass and watching the stars with your boyfriend or hubby just like the rest of us. Keep the flame going by adding some romance to your usual date itinerary. After a walk on the beach or a leisurely stroll in the park, get your blankets and telescopes ready and camp out under the stars. At night, the summer heat becomes a cool breeze. Take advantage of the cold and snuggle with your honey to keep warm. According to the stars, it’s going to be a perfect (date!) night.

FN Tip:
  Visit or call the Manila Observatory in the Ateneo de Manila University to ask for tips on stargazing.

Some days, the heat is so excruciating that even getting out of bed is a chore. For those times when going out and facing the wrath of the sun is not an option, invite your man over for a date at your home instead. Prepare some icy treats and take the tried-and-tested movie night route.

FN Tip: If you’re looking for some dessert ideas, try’s classic buko pandan and turtle pie ice cream. You can find other cooling food and drinks listed in this FN article.

couples_guide_to_summer_dates_picnic.jpg FUN WITH WATER

Of course, your summer experience won’t be complete without some water fun. The beach is the perfect venue for showing off your stuff. From water sports like water skiing, diving, swimming and parasailing, you and your man won’t run out of active things to do. For some good-natured fun, have a water fight—and get all your friends to join in. The beach isn’t the only place you can go to, though. You can also try indoor swimming pools and water parks. This article also suggests washing the car together as a fun and flirty couple activity (we have to agree).

FN Tip:  Keep your man riveted and don’t be afraid to show off your body at the beach. Find out what swimsuit complements your body type with the help of this FN article.

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