Always falling in love with the wrong person? Nursing a broken heart? Don't know how to handle the latest hurdle in your relationship? Moms know best, as their daughters know first-hand. Here, eight women share the best love advice they received from their moms!

1. Choose your partner in life wisely.
"Look for a man who loves you more than you love him." –Steph, 30

2. Never be insecure about a man's love.
"Ang lalaki di mo kailangan sakalin. Sila mismo magtatali ng sarili nila sayo kung mahal ka talaga nila." –Shen, 31

3. Know your worth.
"Always respect yourself. Magpa-importante ka!" –Viola, 27

4. Make him work for your attention.
"If the guy wants you, siya mag first move not you." Strawberry Shortcake, 28

5. Leave something for yourself.
"When liking and loving someone, while it can be an overwhelming feeling, try not to give all of you. Make sure you love yourself first so that whatever happens, you can and will pull through." Bianca, 25

6. Trust your gut.
"On finding the one, sabi niya mararamdaman ko daw yun. Iba daw yun sa feelings na naramdaman ko with my past relationships." Ariane, 26

7. Dream bigger for yourself.
"She told me that my BF should treat me as a princess just as my dad did. Since my BF and I have been together for eight years already, she told me to not always make myself available for him. I should know when to be pakipot and know when magpapasuyo. She also told me that, at my age, whatever decisions I will have to make may involve the BF, but I shouldn't let that relationship prevent me from dreaming bigger for myself."Macey, 26

8. Keep hope alive.
"Love one another and don't easily give up. When trouble comes, just pray." –Ghie, 34

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