Beyonce, Sofia Vergara, Jennifer Lopez—if there’s one thing these women have in common, it’s that they’ve all got the body type that men seem to want the most. According to a new study by the University of Texas in the US, men prefer women with a curvier butt.

“Women with a ‘theoretically optimal angle of lumbar curvature,’  a 45.5 degree curve from back to buttocks, can most effectively carry out multiple pregnancies—which, back in the time of our ancient ancestors—was the most primal basis for attraction,” reports Mind Body Green.

Don’t feel too bootylicious? Here are a few tips to help you:

Fire up your glutes.
If you spend most of your day sitting down, you may develop “gluteal amnesia.” According to, this is when your gluteal muscles get so used to your sedentary lifestyle that they fail to engage when you finally make your way to the gym. The solution: Warm up with glute activation exercises (see an example here). Giving your glutes a proper wake-up call helps them get back in shape.

Do more squats.
Squats may not be your favorite part of your workout, but there are ways to make them more interesting. For example, instead of just bending your knees 90 degrees against a wall, Fitness magazine suggests putting a stability ball between your lower back and the concrete, with your hands on your hips (see two more squat exercises here). Your muscles might protest at the burn, but just remember that your sacrifice will all be worth it in the (rear) end.

Wear structured leggings.
Dressing strategically isn’t just about knowing which clothes flatter your body type; it’s also about figuring out which fabrics can enhance your assets. After all, who needs padded underwear when there are pants that can give your tush that much needed boost?

PHOTO: Instagram @ _hotguysofig

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