Breakups can be messy, but it can turn even more complicated when your ex can’t seem to grasp the idea of you two finally calling it quits. He keeps contacting you, messaging you, and even “accidentally” being in the same place you are. Creepy, right?

According to psychotherapist and Harvard lecturer Holly Parker, Ph.D., wanting to stay away from your ex is totally acceptable—especially if you think that it’s not healthy to still have ties with a former flame. So how do you handle an overbearing and delusional ex-boyfriend who won’t stop bothering you? You have to set boundaries. Whether that’s physical or behavioral boundaries, you have to make it clear to him that you’re dead serious about wanting him to stop intruding in your life.

Start off by telling him you don’t want any kind of relationship with him. Marriage and family therapist Marni Feuerman suggests you do this over the phone; if he’s still being stubborn about it, just hang up. You don’t owe him any explanations for your decisions. Be firm and don’t let him bother you and the life that you’re trying to live happily without him.

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