1. Being understanding and caring
I guess it would be... being "super" understanding and caring all the time. You see, I wasn't blessed to experience growing up with a complete family. So, when we got married, I promised myself that I won't let my children go through what I experienced as a teenager. No marriage is perfect so we just have to understand and accept each other's shortcomings... and I thank Him for having the blessing of understanding and caring for each other for 26 years and 7 months na pala... –Tina and Bob Taña

2. Having the right priorities
Everyone is unique; one key that works for us is valuing each other more than anybody else. –John and Jenny Juanillo, 22 years as a couple, 18 as a married one

3. Supporting each other through thick and thin
For Martin and I, there is no secret. Being married for 15 years, it's the day-to-day interaction, of complementing each other, when we fill in the gaps whether it be looking after the children or doing household work. When one is tired, the other one takes over. We support each other during our highs and lows, and we know that we got each other's backs. –Martin and Tess Angala, married 15 years


4. Respecting each other

In marriage, the number of time we say, "I love you" should be same as the number of times we say, "I'm sorry." In relationships and marriage especially, we think there's supposed to be one who is right and wrong. As depicted in movies, the guy who beats his wife is bad and the abused girl is right. But in most marriages, it's not like that. One isn't necessarily wrong, but both have different opinions because they are different individuals. One's choice isn't better than the other. So, who wins?

It's best to know how we are defined as husband and wife. The woman submits not because she is weaker than the man. I submit because I submit to God. So in cases of conflict, that's our default mode.I see some couples when I do makeup on weddings [who are] so focused on designer suppliers, gowns, etc. If you want a marriage to work, pray for a marriage designed by God. – Carlo and Carmel Villongco, 9 years married.


5. Being friends
Not sure if it’s an anecdote but I saw something online way way back and it said: The best relationships start off as friendships. Not sure if it applies to all but it kinda summarizes ours. JP Meneses and Cielo Calzado, 5 years and 6 months

PHOTO: Pixabay; GIF: Giphy

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