They say, love is a many-splendored thing, yet they forget to say that not every love story ends in happily ever after.

I met Daryl* online. We hit it off immediately and since we had different time zones, it was more difficult to have constant communication, let alone, a strong relationship. Days of waiting for him to go online turned into weeks, months, until he completely disappeared. I felt heartbroken. Wasn't I even worth a "formal" breakup? That was when I decided I was done with love and that no matter what happened, I would stand firm with my decision to remain single.

That was until I met a guy named Adrian* online. I was more guarded and he was cold, so I figured this could work. No one was bound to fall in love—we were just talking. He seemed to be the guy who wasn't fond of commitment, and I was the girl who had no plans of getting in a relationship. Everything was going well. We talked online and although you could tell there was something between us, we didn't really make it official.

Then, I found out that he was from the Philippines, too. My heart skipped a beat. Daryl was from Hong Kong and while he had planned to meet up with me before, he always had excuses. Now, Adrian was wondering if we could meet. I was hesitant. I had a lot of questions. Should I go? What if that meet-up changed everything? What if I fell in love? Or had I fallen in love without noticing?

It had been two years since I got my heart broken, so I went—and it is the best decision I have ever made. When we met up, the more I got to know Adrian, the more I wanted to be with him. It was my first time to meet up with a person I met on the internet. I knew it wasn't safe, but there was something about it that gave me the courage to take a risk.

The day we got to see each other face to face was the day we became a couple. Yes, I know it's not your usual courtship, but we felt a connection. Adrian and I have been together for a while now, but it was during those times that I got to understand myself on a different level. It was him who opened up my eyes and mind to see the world differently.

I consider him a shoulder to cry on and a person I can share my dreams and goals with. He always encourages me to do my best and comforts me when I am down. Adrian helped me find my true identity that changed my life big time.We promised each other that we'll be better versions of ourselves and I think that’s what really matters in a committed relationship—helping each other improve themselves not for their partners but for their own good.

If I hadn't taken a risk with Adrian, then I would still be inside my bubble of doubt and insecurity. I'm so glad I met him. I may not know yet if this will be my happily ever after, but I wish it is, because he brings out the best in me, all the time.

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PHOTO: Flickr Creative Commons/Ferran Jordà

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