I am 36 years old, single, and have never been in a romantic relationship.

Being single, especially at my age, is quite challenging but exciting. Through the years, I have received many kinds of reactions, unsolicited opinions, predictions, and advice from different people of all ages when they find out about my marital status, and even more when they find out that I have never had a boyfriend since birth.

I get it. When I was in my late 20s, one of my fears was actually being in my 30s, still unmarried. In fact, my ideal age to get married was 26. During this time, I wrestled with the pressure from my friends, relatives, siblings, my parents, and even myself. It came to the point that they were all helping me look for my "Mr. Right."

There was no shortage of opinions either, from the simple to the scientific, about my single life.
Some say that waiting until my 30s to get married will make it harder for me to have a baby. Some say that I’ve lost my opportunity because I let go of some of my suitors who happen to be married now. Some say that I need to save more money for when I get older. Some say that I am useless because I don’t have kids. All of these made me feel incomplete and irrelevant.

I understand that most of them are just concerned and worried about me. However, I am also determined not to compromise my faith that I will someday marry a man who is my first and last.

I gradually outgrew the fears and the pains of being single and NBSB at 36. I'm still the same woman 10 years ago, the one who dreamt of wearing a wedding gown, walking down the aisle, and saying "I do."
Being single and NBSB has taught me to appreciate the people and the things I have now. After all, it isn't marriage that will complete me, but God. Yes, I am single, happy and satisfied.

*As told to Female Network

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