I hope I get to hear from people who don't know me personally. I am having a dilemma with my partner and his ex-girlfriend. I may be thinking or seeing something that's not there.

They are officemates but with different accounts and different floors. Every now and then, they see each other sa elevator and nagkakayaan na mag-smoke sa smoking area or so with other friends. This started happening months ago. Prior to that, they also get to talk about office stuff through the company email and chat. For me, it’s nothing–malaki naman ang tiwala ko kay partner. I do not know the girl personally but I have heard stories about her from their common friends and from my partner as well.

There was a time na nag-vacation kami ng mga anak ko sa province nila during the summer. We went there earlier kasi hindi siya pwede kaagad sumunod dahil hindi na-approve ang leave niya. During that time, inaya siya ni ex-girlfriend for a smoke late at night since his shift ended at midnight.

So nagusap sila and nagkamustahan ng maayos and nagkaroon ng update sa mga buhay buhay nila. At the end of the meet, they kissed! According to my partner, it was just a smack and it has no meaning sa kanya at nagulat din siya sa nangyari hindi siya naka-react. He just left and went home after and forgot about the incident.

So they still chatted over emails and the office communicator about work and were planning get together ng mga batchmates nila from work. 

Until one day I encountered a Viber missed call from the ex-girlfriend and several messages saying, "I miss you", "Mwah," and sweet messages that are meant for people who are in a relationship.

My partner didn’t install his Viber sa phone niya but it was installed on our laptop, which I accidentally opened. These messages were not read until I accidentally opened the application.

So, I confronted my partner about these messages and he said he didn't know about them (of course wala siyang Viber app until he gets home)

He sheepishly admitted that they were talking about office stuff and meeting every now and then with friends from work and that they kissed from the last meeting na sila lang dalawa.

He talked to the ex-girlfriend and apparently the ex-girlfriend was trying to get him back through those meetings. 

She is now messaging me na pakawalan ko na si partner para they can try out and make their relationship work again after four years na ''cool off'' daw nila. 

Galit na si partner and had her blocked sa Facebook and deleted chat apps na meron pa siya na existing sa phone niya to prove that he doesn't chat with the ex. I do not see their office communicator kasi sa office lang yun accessible. This girl is telling me they have a relationship talaga and iba daw yung sinasabi ni partner sa akin. 

They usually kiss and flirt with each other and that’s normal between them. Si partner naman denies they talk often sa communicator nila. May tiwala sana ako pero day by day I am doubting na rin. I know hindi dapat iniisip ang messages ng ex-girlfriend niya pero I do not know the whole story between them aside from what my partner tells me.

Naiisip ko rin bakit tinatago niya sa akin na they still talk or have get-togethers every now and then. Hindi naman ako selosa. 

I am torn na. I am also getting cold feet to finally getting married to him in December. Parang ayoko ng ituloy, alam ko iiyak ang mga parents namin at buong angkan nila if I do back out, pero I feel so confused na and wala akong mapagsabihan ng nararamdaman ko.

Whenever I do, they just say trust my partner wala lang yun. Pero what can I say? I am a work-at-home mom at wala akong alam sa nakikita nila. Most of my friends here in Manila have been his friends long before we met, feeling ko niloloko din ako. Gusto ko na lang umuwi sa amin sa States with my kids and start over without him. Alam ko may mali, I wanted to talk to the girl but it may make it worse. Torn na ako on what to do.

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