After the 11th month of their breakup, we became a couple. Just nine months into their breakup, naging Facebook friends ulit sila.

My boyfriend posted a photo when we were three weeks dating and the ex-girlfriend was asking him who took the photo, if it was a date and who his new girlfriend was. She even said in one comment "Tell me already so I know who I'm going to get jealous of."

I brushed it off. I know what it's like to be an ex-girlfriend din naman so that statement was somehow expected.

She messages him on Facebook din, harmless naman. Although there was one message that said "I'm sure, if you two break up, we'll see each other again. Plus, Mommy (my boyfriend’s mom) loves me. Hahaha." That was a bit low for me but again I brushed it off. It was typical ex-girlfriend behavior again.

The last straw was during my boyfriend’s birthday. At exactly 12:01 a.m., she greeted him on his Facebook wall, "Happy birthday to the man I've loved more than myself."

I thought at first, respect. Sana respeto naman because eight months na kami ni boyfriend and may photos and statuses na siya there for me and with me. I haven't met all of his friends yet but some know me as his current girlfriend.

I was planning to post something sweet and what not on his wall pa naman for his birthday but lo and behold, she greeted him with that. Syempre I didn't fight him over that–and it was his birthday naman. So I kept mum and just posted my greeting as a status and just tagged him.

I was surprised though when I checked his wall again, the ex-girlfriend’s birthday greeting was erased and they were no longer Facebook friends.

A month after that, there's this fake Facebook account trying to add us both. I saw that this fake account messaged him before. From the looks of it, it was the ex-girlfriend but we both ignored it.

Last month, the ex-girlfriend asked for my boyfriend's number from his mom kasi may itatanong daw siya. His mom asked me muna if she should give the number. I told her to give mine nalang since my boyfriend doesn't use his phone a lot. But no text came naman and mom said the ex-girlfriend didn't ask again.

Just this month, the same fake account messaged my boyfriend asking how he is. Sa totoo lang, I want to message this fake account and tell her to use her real account (which is deactivated) if she wants to talk to my boyfriend. The ex-girlfriend used to tell my boyfriend’s sister na she doesn't know why nakipag-break si guy sa kanya.

And before we get married, I want him to give closure to everything, pero for him wala na talaga. Should I message this fake account and tell her to use her real account kung gusto niya ng kamustahan or closure?

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