I met this guy last December. I thought it was just another one of those hook-ups but it turned out to be the perfect relationship.

February of this of this year, he went back to work on a cruise ship. We had regular chats, calls, messages, and he never forgot to send me messages whenever he could access the internet. During our eight months together, I never had any problems with him; we never had quarrels and misunderstandings, no third party issues. For me, our relationship was the perfect LDR (Or so I thought).

While he was away, I got fond of hanging out with my workmates and friends, and eating was our favorite way of bonding. It was then that I realized that I was gaining so much weight. It was hilarious because from 55 kilos, I went up to 65 kilos. That wasn’t the end of it. I also experienced some kind of hormonal imbalance and I got pimples all over my face!

I knew it was too late to get a facial and to go to the gym before he came back. A week before our meet-up, he was even so excited about our plans to go out.

Then we met.

After that night, he didn't contact me for two days–no texts, no chat messages. I was disappointed because I was expecting a happy comeback. I confronted him through Facebook chat and asked what what was wrong.

That was when he dumped me. He was asking for a breakup.

I didn't know what to feel. He told me he was the one with the problem, not me. I begged for another meet-up but he refused!

He said I was too kind for him and he’s just crazy. But something inside me was telling me it’s because of how I looked–and I was right. He told me about how surprised he was to see me so different from what I used to be, and that was it, he just dumped me.

I was hurt and crushed. I was broken. I burst into tears and felt pity towards myself. It was painful to hear that what mattered to him was how I looked and not how I had cherished our relationship even though we were far from each other.

I can’t imagine how he just threw away those good memories we had and the plans we made just because I got fat and got pimples. Since then, he never contacted me again. It’s hard to accept because I really loved him.
I am hurting right now because I can’t accept that he just loved and wanted me for my physical aspects and not for who I really am.

It’s hard to move on, but I guess I really need to pick up the pieces, and do something about the pain I’m feeling. I need to forgive myself first before I can forgive him. Today, I’m not okay, but somehow I'm still able to manage myself thanks to the help of my family and close friends.

It hurts but at least I realized I need to have a healthy lifestyle–thanks for the broken heart anyway!


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