If you think those simple "friendly" text messages with your co-worker don't bother your man, think again. Here, guys voice out what they consider to be cheating.

The basic premise is, if you're doing something with anyone and you feel guilty enough to have to lie about it, that's cheating. Assuming you feel guilty about it at all. –George, 27

When she keeps texting other guys, even though they're just friendly and seemingly harmless text messages. Sometimes, it all begins with a simple text, and before you know it, she doesn't have time for you anymore. –Karl, 29
I would say emotional loyalty. When a girl is not being emotionally loyal to her guy (he's no longer the go-to person or she opens up to other GUYS) it's cheating in my book. Emotional monogamy is an unwritten rule, I think. –Josh, 25

I consider it cheating even though it’s simply texting someone without malice and when the girl tries to be "pa-cute" with the other guy she’s talking to. –Joseff, 29

When she lies about where she is or tells me lame excuses that she’ll meet up with her girl buddies when she’s actually meeting up with other guys. That’s a red flag. –Simon, 26

Being with another guy and flirting through text and frequent hangouts. –Jilson, 25
It's when girls want to be with their girlfriends, only to find out that they're just going to stalk and talk about their crush. Meron kasing mga kaibigan na konsintidor sa mga ganun. Lalo pa at may karelasyon na yung kaibigan nila. Dun nagsisimula ung magtetext na siya, tapos makikipagkita, tapos eventually ma-fa-fall na. –Anthony, 28

When a girl starts to pay more attention to a certain guy rather than to her boyfriend, I would say that she’s somehow cheating. She’s giving more time and effort to somebody else when she should be giving that to her man. –James, 27

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