Taking the DIY route for your wedding is quite a popular and practical choice. Not only does it help you curb your expenses, it also makes everything look even more special. If you’re interested in adding DIY touches to your nuptials, we suggest you begin with the wedding favors. Here are a few ideas to inspire you:

1. Personalized candies

Do you and your husband have a sweet tooth? Incorporate your love of sweets by choosing your favorite candies as a couple and stocking them in clear jars such as the one in the photo. Personalize it further by making cute tags, which you can stick on the lid.

2. Vanilla sugar

Give your guests a sweet ending by sending them off with a jar of vanilla sugar. Vanilla sugar is a common ingredient in many European desserts, and making them is easier than you think! The Food Network has a great recipe here!

3. Pretty popcorn

If you want your wedding to be a blockbuster hit, pop some popcorn! Not Quite Nigella has an interesting way of presenting them here!

4. Sweet candles

Scented candles will surely melt a few hearts at your wedding! Think of this as a bonding activity with your future husband. All you have to do is melt a little wax, add the coloring and fragrance of your choice, and voila! Get step-by-step instructions from My Own Ideas here.

5. Coffee perks

If you and your husband are strong coffee drinkers, why not share your love for latte with your guests? Create your own special concoction as a couple, and show everyone how well you two blend together!

(1. Photo from Accent the Party courtesy of Romi Zampa Tenllado on Pinterest 2. Photo from Blush Wedding Blog via Blush Wedding Blog on Pinterest 3. Photo from Austin Wedding Blog via Leonora Kravets on Pinterest 4. Photo from My Own Ideas via Country Woman Magazine on Pinterest 5. Photo from Capitol Romance via Aga Kudela on Pinterest)

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