It's normal for you to get angry with your significant other from time to time. After all, there is no such thing as a perfect relationship. In fact, even the smallest things can become the subject of a disagreement. Leaving the toothpaste uncapped, not washing the dishes, replying with an insensitive remark--these things are all part of being in a relationship and learning to live with each other. So, yes, it's actually okay to get mad at your boyfriend or husband once in a while. What's probably a bit troubling, though, is if you stay angry at him or if the urge to become more physical with your emotions won't go away. What do you do then?

Psychologist Josie Banaglorioso acknowledges that, when you’re angry, taking a step back to reflect can be difficult to do—especially if the person you’re mad at is the man you love most. If the emotion gets too much to handle, Vicky Cantada, a counselor at the Center for Family Ministries, lists a few things you can do:

(First published as "It's Okay to be Angry: Mad at Hubby?" in the "Personal Matters" section of Good Housekeeping Philippines' March 2001. Adapted for use in Female Network. Photo by abbyladybug via Flickr Creative Commons.)

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