A certain amount of fighting between couples is normal. After all, this is one of the ways by which you and your man can strengthen your relationship. However, there is also a limit to how many hits you two can take. At some point, you'll have to ask yourself if what you have is worth saving. Here, we list down five signs that say it’s not.

You're starting to seriously like someone else.
We’re not saints. It’s really okay to like someone else aside from your man. A crush here, an infatuation there, but that’s it. Liking someone is acceptable as long as you keep your admiration in check, meaning, what you feel for the other guy is reasonably the same as what you feel when you see Ian Veneracion on TV. However, when you start battering your crush with "Hi! What are you doing?" messages ON A WEEKEND or when you find yourself doing everything in your power to spend more time with him than your seemingly clueless boyfriend, well, perhaps you'd better think about whom you'd really rather be with.

The sex isn't that good anymore.
What used to be an hour-long foreplay session followed by mind-blowing sex has been reduced to a sad one-pop missionary routine. Truth: Making love is one the most intimate moments a couple can share with each other, and if you find yourself in a position wherein you just want to get the deed over and done with, then you'd better put your clothes back on and ready yourself for the it’s-not-you-it’s-me talk.

You find reasons to pick a fight with him.
You get mad because he hasn't replied to your messages even though he just told you 30 minutes ago that he's at the basketball court ready to shoot some hoops. You become increasingly hostile, raising hell over the simplest things like your slow Internet connection, this guy who said he wanted to have another woman's baby, or Popoy's issues in A Second Chance—none of which has anything to do with him. My point is that if you're constantly looking for reasons to fight with him, then maybe you just want an excuse to end the relationship. Get ready to pen your goodbye letter.

You stop making an effort to look beautiful.
We're not saying that you should look made-up all the time, but if you've stopped caring about how you look when you're out with your man, you might want to ask yourself why. Is it because you don't have a lot of time or energy to get guzzied up anymore—which your man should be able to understand—or you just don't think he's worth it anymore.

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