It’s hard to say whether your man is cheating on you, unless you have solid evidence or he confesses to the act (which he probably won’t unless you have solid evidence). However, our GIRLTalkers have their own way of telling when a man is involved in some seriously suspicious activities. Using a combination of instinct and persistent sleuthing, they’ve managed to suss out bad boyfriend behavior. Below are some of the red flags you ought to watch out for:

1. i_v_y

Based on experience:

- Late umuuwi (He comes home late.).
- Di ma-reach sa cell phone (He can’t be reached through cell phone.).
- Big deal kapag nung hiningi ko 'yung password sa Facebook (Asking for his Facebook password becomes a big deal.).
- Nagsisinungaling (He lies.).
- Laging hawak ang cell phone at halos ayaw ipahawak sa 'yo ang cell phone niya. (He always uses his cell phone and wouldn’t let you near it.).

Basta change in habits talaga (It’s really about a change of habits.)

2. Beng01

Based on personal experience:

- Tatawagan ako sa cell phone all of a sudden, to check kung nasaan ako (He’ll call me all of a sudden to check where I am.). I thought he was being sweet at that time.
- Kaunting mali ko lang nagagalit kaagad, plus nagbibitaw ng masasamang salita sa akin
(He gets angry at every little mistake, plus he says mean things to me)...

3. stylishmomy

My aunt caught my uncle cheating, aside from the woman's instinct... may mga changes talaga sa behavior (there were really changes in his behavior.).

'Di pa tapos ang nightly news, he would say na inaantok na daw siya kaya mauna na siyang magpunta sa kwarto nila (Before the nightly news is over, he would say that he was feeling sleepy and would retire early to their bedroom), my aunt followed and checked on him... she found him wide awake and texting.

4. FOURever


Suddenly nagiging sweet at too mabait (When he suddenly becomes sweet and too nice.).

Mga plano, naka-cancel kasi may work or may school project (He would cancel your plans because of work or because of a school project.).

Mahigpit sayo. At daming bintang (He’s strict and accuses you of a lot.).

5. michipoo

Woman’s instinct… I remember before 'nung nag-cheat sa akin ang ex ko, hindi ako mapakali… I [had] dreams na he's cheating on me every night. That time, wala pa ako idea na may iba pala siyaKinukuwento ko pa sa kanya noon tungkol sa panaginip ko na ‘yun at sabi niya lang "panaginip lang ‘yun blah blah blah..." Later on I found out na he is really cheating on me pala… (I remember when my ex cheated on me, I was restless. Every night, I dreamt that he was cheating on me. That time, I still had no idea that he had somebody else… I even told him about my dream and he just brushed me off. Later on, I found out that he was really cheating on me.)

(Screencap from Smash courtesy of NBC)

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