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Have you ever wondered if it was really okay to stay friends with your ex after the breakup? According to research, a lot of people still stay in touch with their past partners even after separating. Although this seems harmless, there will be instances wherein it’s better to not talk to each other at all.

Singles and couples therapist Gary Brown, Ph.D. clarifies that their personal history will determine if a former couple can be friends again. According to a research published in the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, if you had a healthy relationship with your ex-partner, you’re more likely to be friends post-breakup; but if the cause of the split in the line of cheating and such, a chances at friendship is elusive.

Brown also says it could be difficult to maintain a friendly relationship with a former flame since you have to be okay with knowing about his new love interests, and your current partner should be okay with it as well. Make sure your intentions are purely platonic, “If your intention is anything more than friendship, then you need to rethink the goal of the friendship altogether,” says Barbara Neitlich, LCSW, author of Stop Dating Like a Teenager. If you’re still talking to your ex, it may cause jealousy and even lead to fights.

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