You and your sisters or brothers might not always get along, but deep inside, you know you have each other's best interests at heart. Still, this can be hard to remember when there's too much tension between you.

But what happens when your sibling gets herself into trouble? Are you simply going to leave her to fend for herself just because you two aren't on speaking terms at the moment? Even if your advice might seem unwelcome, are you really going to sit this one out? And if hard times make you put aside your differences, then shouldn't those differences be worth dealing with when times are better?

Before you give up on your sib, remember that maintaining a harmonious relationship with your family should always be your priority. Perhaps you simply need to give her time to cool off or space to gather her thoughts. In the meantime, scroll through the gallery below for tips on fixing your relationship with a sibling you're having problems with. By the time you're done, you'll probably have a better idea of how to approach her.

(First published as "Sisterly Strife," an entry for the column "Keep It Real" in the "Good Family" section of Good Housekeeping Philippines' December 2011 issue. Adapted for use in Female Network. Additional reporting by Jennifer Chan. Screencap from In Her Shoes courtesy of 20th Century Fox.)

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