If there’s one thing that guys like to talk about when there are no girls, it’s, well, girls! They talk about who they like, what they like, and how they like it, at least, so say our guy friends. While we will probably be never be privy to this conversation, there is a way for us to get partially inside men’s heads.

According to a study featured on Elite Daily, guys who like big-breasted women tend to have a predilection for exhibitionism. They’re usually the ones who enjoy being the center of attention. Unsurprisingly, these guys also tend to read a lot of sports magazines. Go figure. The good thing is that these guys also tend to be witty and able to hold up their end of the conversation.

Guys who are self-confessed breast-men, but who favor smaller boobs, are a different type altogether. Researchers found men from upper-class families generally share a taste in smaller physiques.

On the other hand, guys who say that they love to watch women walk away, “are characterized by a need for order (neatness, organization, orderliness).” These guys are also said to have a need for achievement.

PHOTO: PublicDomainPictures/Pixabay

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