If you've been kissing frogs instead of Prince Charmings, then it might be time to switch strategies. Here are some ground rules to follow to raise your chances of meeting Mr. Right, or at least, avoid the jerks and the losers.

1. Know what you want first.
Some women end up going out with all the wrong guys because they don't take the time to ask themselves what they really want. Finding the right person, after all, isn't purely about luck or serendipity—it also involves identifying your preferred characteristics, so you can focus your time and energy on men who are actually your type.

2. Think long-term.
Everyone has a favorite mistakethe jerk who loves you and leaves you or the commitmentphobe who keeps sending you mixed signals—but if you're serious about finding the right guy, you may want to adjust your selection criteria. We're not saying that handsome and madiskarte men are out of the running—if handsome and madiskarte are what drew you to these guys in the first placejust that those qualities might not be good enough in the long run. There has to be more.

3. Set the bar.

You want to end up with quality boys, so weed out those who don't make the cut right away. Don't lower your standards just because you want to date someone or because you don't want to be alone. This is not being high-maintenance—it's being logical about your selection. However, don't set the standards so high that it's impossible for anyone to meet them either.

4. Don't settle.
Be firm with your decision. If no one's making the cut, don't give in to just anyone. It's better to be alone but happy than to be in a relationship you might not really want to be in in the first place.

PHOTO: Pixabay; GIF: Giphy

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