Kids are generally quite curious at their age. They’ll ask you why the sky is blue, how many stars there are in the sky, and even where dreams come from, expecting you to have all the answers. These questions are cute, but as they grow up, they'll become even more curious about life and about relationships in particular.

They’ll try to emulate what they see on TV, never really understanding that actors who play kids their age are actually years older in real life or that they’re too young for most of what they see on their favorite show. And when they start asking you for permission to go out or run to you crying about someone they like, you might find yourself with questions of your own. How do you deal with your tweens’ growing maturity?

Your best guide, as in most cases, would be your own gut and experience. After all, there’s no such thing as a perfect mom. To help you deal with their inevitable maturity, however, here is a list of questions that they might ask and FN's take on how to answer them.

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