It’s the stuff of every homeowner’s nightmare. You often see stories about them in the news with CCTV footages of kasambahays gone wild. After all, good nannies and house helpers are few and far between. While some employers are lucky enough to find a diamond in the rough (nannies who’ll love the children as if they’re hers perhaps), others are not.

Here are just a few “horror” stories from GIRLTalkers which should hopefully serve as a reminder for you to be extra careful and vigilant before you hire someone to care for your home and family.

1. Byutijunkie

“An officemate of mine had to rush home from work because his daughter kept on throwing up, to a point when she turned blue already. The next day he called in to say that they’re in the hospital because [they found out that] his daughter was hung by the yaya on a clothesline. Hindi nakayanan n'ung kid kaya (the kid couldn’t hold on much longer) she let go and her head hit the pavement. Ang nagkwento ay 'yung younger daughter kasi ayaw magsalita nung kid na nasaktan (It’s the younger daughter who told the parents because the kid who got hurt didn’t want to talk).”


“We have a friend who has a 16-year-old 'baby.' 'Yung parents dumating sa bahay tulog ang bata sa crib then [they] found a letter from the yaya. She was saying sorry. They didn’t know 'yung buong story until nung gabi nilagnat na ang bata at ‘di na tumigil sa pagiyak.Tapos nakita nila may bukol sa head. [After the] CT scan they found out that something happened to the brain. 'Ayun pala nahulog ni yaya ang bata. Napatahan, pinatulog, and then tumakas. Ngayon 8 months old pa din ang [pagi-isip] ng 16 year old son nila.”

(When the boy was still a baby, the parents came home to him sleeping in his crib. There was a letter from the boy’s yaya, who was apparently saying sorry for something. They didn’t know the entire story, until the boy started had fever that night. They then discovered through a CT scan result that something happened to [the boy’s] brain. The yaya apparently dropped the baby, managed to put him to sleep, and then ran away. [Because of what happened] their 16-year old kid still has the mental capacity of an eight-month old baby.)

3. dancewarrior

“When we were abroad, our maids hosted a huge party. They invited the maids and drivers from all around the village. Nag-swimming pa sila sa swimming pool namin (they even used our pool). Then they turned the aircon on and slept in our room. So much for trusting them. Buti nalang nag-sumbong ang neighbor (Good thing the neighbors reported the incident to us.).”

(Photo by Air`leth Aodhfin via Flickr Creative Commons)

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