Having a long-distance relationship with someone (whether physically or emotionally) can be a very… frustrating experience. Some do quite a good job of enduring, while others have found more interesting ways to pass the time, if you catch our drift. Curious to know more about the latter, we read through some of our GIRLTalkers’ opinions on the matter. Just how often do some women masturbate? Is it normal for women to do it regularly? What helps them get in the mood? Scroll down to find out the answers to these questions and more.

1. How often do you pleasure yourself?


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Before, every day, as in more than once. I don't use vibe/dildo or any other toys, hands lang talaga.


AAAAAHHH!!! Good thing I found this thread... Hahaha!  hindi ako nag-iisa! Araw-araw ko din ginagawa ito sa sarili ko bago matulog mas relaxing talaga (Hahaha! I’m not alone! I do it every day before I go to sleep, it’s really more relaxing)...


When I was single, madalas ko din ginagawa ‘to... Pero ngayon 5 years na ako kasal, hindi ko na nagawa pa. Busy sa work then pag uwi alaga kay baby at asikaso kay hubby... Walang time. Kung nagagawa ko man i-pleasure ang sarili ko, sobrang minsan lang (When I was single, I would do it often. But now that I’ve been married for five years, I haven’t been able to do it. I’m busy with work and when I get home, I take care of the baby and my hubby... I don’t have the time. I very rarely, if at all, get to pleasure myself.).

Is self-pleasuring an issue for guys? Click "next" to find out!

(Screencap from Black Swan courtesy of Fox Searchlight Pictures)


2. What does your man think about it?


Ngayon siguro…with cam. Boyfie will watch me daw (Now, we’ll probably do it on cam. Boyfriend said he will watch me.).


In my case, when I pleasure myself, my husband always helps me. Ayaw niyang ako mag-isa , dapat daw lagi siyang kasama. Hehe (He doesn’t want me to do it alone, as he says he should always be involved. Hehe.).

(Screencap from Black Swan courtesy of Fox Searchlight Pictures)

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