Let’s be honest: If only virgins were allowed to wear white on their wedding day, more than half of the population would have to look to other colors for their nuptial gown. Not that there's anything wrong with that—women used to wear red, blue, and even gray at their weddings anyway! Still, color choices aside, what do you think of premarital sex? Do you think time between the sheets should be reserved after you recite your vows or do you believe it's better to gauge sexual compatibility before marriage? On a related note, is virginity equal to purity?

Our GIRLTalkers weigh in on the issue!

1. From GIRLTalker orangerain


Is it ok to practice premarital sex [in a] relationship?

I voted yes because if I said no, I would be lying to myself. Haha. But anyway, I think if your relationship is going toward marriage anyway, then it's okay. That's just for me, though. And, I feel like if you're both ready to step up for whatever results your "sexual activities" will lead to, then go for it. Basta take the responsibility lang talaga.

2. From GIRLTalker michandesu

I was a firm believer of remaining a virgin until after marriage. 'Yung tipong I was determined to push off any sexual advances na ginagawa ng mga bf ko dati.

Pero when I met a wonderful guy whom I think deserves everything I could offer, I thought about my beliefs but then I realized, kung mahal mo ang tao, it's all right to give in. Purity isn't measured by staying a virgin.

Eto lang ang belief ko ngayon. I don't think it's right to engage in PMS if you're doing it for the sake of thrills or one night stands or with a person you don't even care about/love. If you're going to engage in PMS, make sure na you think that your decision is right and that you won't regret it. Do it with someone you love and someone you imagine a future with.


3. From GIRLTalker riandrew

Is it ok to practice premarital sex [in a] relationship?

No. Our generation may be too liberal but our values remain that not engaging to premarital sex is the right thing to do.

Do you think virginity is equal to purity?

No. A woman can't regain her virginity once she [loses] it (technically) but for purity, she can still be. Are you pertaining to sexual purity?


4. From GIRLTalker blushydamsel

Premarital sex is still a no-no. Kasi kapag ginawa ito outside the bond of marriage, mag-co-commit ka ng sin of fornication...

Virginity doesn't always equate to purity. As what our other sisses have said, pwede ka mag-stay na virgin physically, pero [kung] puro lustful things naman ang naiisip mo, hindi ka maco-consider na pure...

5. From GIRLTalker aquacharly

Mahirap to give a categorical YES or NO as an answer—if engaging in premarital sex is okay?

But I can categorically say YES it will be BETTER if you do not engage in it.
And I can also categorically say that it is EASIER SAID THAN DONE—na huwag mag-engage in premarital sex.

Virginity = purity? No.
You lose your virginity, that's it—it remains lost.
You lose your purity, do not panic... Na misplace mo lang yan... you can regain your purity.

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