As the day of your wedding draws nearer, it's inevitable that you get a bit restless. After all, there's still so much to do! A few cousins, several times removed, insist on being VIP guests. There's a problem with your choice of flowers; the harpist broke her arm. You're exhausted, and you feel like the ugliest bride-to-be in the world. What's a girl to do? Charles Sutter, one of the pioneers in the spa industry in the Philippines, managing director of Asmara, Inc., and currently in charge of The Peninsula Spa, gives you a bit of advice.

1. Learn to delegate. Yes, you want your wedding to look exactly as you want it, but you can't do everything yourself. "You need to understand that if you have a professional for flowers, let them do the job," says Charles. "Don't try to do it yourself because you will not have the time for it."

2. Spend some quiet time alone. "Find five, 10 minutes a day [to] get isolated. [Go] somewhere where nobody's annoying you, where you can't hear the jeepneys or dramas," Charles advises. "Close your eyes. Meditate a little bit, and if it's not enough, at home, in the evening, why not burn a nice, scented candle? I would recommend lavender because it's the most relaxing essential oil and scent..."

3. Don't go on a diet. "Don't add additional stress by dieting. Of course, avoid the crispy pata in the evening, but indulge once in a while, and [with] a big smile, go out with your hubby and have a nice [dinner], but no special diet."

4. Don't change your routine. "There is nothing worse than trying to change your habits when you have a stressful event happening, and a wedding is always stressful," Charles says, having seen enough brides-to-be at The Peninsula Manila. "If you used to go to a fitness center, continue, but I would not recommend a bride-to-be who has never exercised to go to the gym because she will end up with cramps and soreness in her body."

5. Get pampered at the spa. The spa experience is always a good de-stresser. For brides-to-be (as well as their grooms-to-be), going to the spa is a great way to take their minds off wedding day problems."The spa experience works like vacation," says Charles. Now, who wouldn't want that?

(Photo of ring by JewelleryMonthly via Flickr Creative Commons)

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