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To a lot of people who’ve already had sex, there are very few reasons that could make them want to stop having it. For some women, it could be when they have their period—not necessarily because they don’t want to, but most probably because their man is not comfortable with the idea.

For those women who would really rather have sex even when they have their period, Redbook Love Network expert Lou Paget, author of The Great Lover Playbook, recommends discussing this matter with your partner “in a comfortable way” outside of the bedroom. This way, he is able to air his concerns and, together, you can come up with a compromise.

For instance, if he’s concerned about the mess, Paget suggests keeping a dark-colored towel handy during sex, so you can place it under your hips during sex and use it to clean up after. You can also “point out that getting it on during your period could make for a new, different kind of fun,” says Paget. This is because the vagina is warm and very well lubricated—a sensation that a lot of couples enjoy. If he’s still not comfortable with the idea, just don’t force the issue.

Still, there are some women who share men’s sentiments about the mess. We’re curious to know how many of you actually abstain from sex for a week each time this monthly visitor arrives.

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