There are a lot of funny men and women out there, but sometimes, the funniest people we know are the members of our own family. End your weekend on a positive note by having a good laugh with your family. Checking out these three hilarious family websites!

1. Reasons My Son Is Crying

Because I wouldn’t let them play with dog poop. Because he got stuck under the bar stool. Because the Skype video with grandpa and grandma froze. Honestly, there are plenty of logical (and funny) reasons why your kid or that kid in the plane is crying, and this website compiles them all here.

2. Awkward Family Photos

We all have deeply embarrassing and awkward family photos buried under dozens of albums. But sooner or later, these photos will find their way out and online. Check out some of them here.

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3. Oh Crap. Crap My Parents Joined Facebook

Facebook used to be really cool, until our parents started using it. Now, there’s no stopping them from posting embarrassing status messages or worse, sharing horrible childhood photos on our wall! The only consolation here is that other people’s parents are also on Facebook. Check out other people’s parents here.

(1. Screencap from Reasons My Son is Crying 2. Awkward Family Photos 3. Screencap from Oh Crap. My Parents Joined Facebook )

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