Of all the things Elizabeth Gilbert has—fame, fortune, serious literary cred—it’s her husband who just might take the cake. Everyone knows the story of how they met. After her divorce, the Eat, Pray, Love author went on a life-changing trip which she chronicled in her bestselling book. It was during this journey when she met her Brazilian-born husband José Nunes.

But there’s another detail fans of the book may not know about their relationship. In an interview posted on The Huffington Post, Gilbert said that there was one thing Nunes said that really closed the deal for her.

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“My husband has a line that I always quote.
It's not all why I married him, but it's a lot
of why I married him. He said, ‘A woman's
place is in the kitchen...with her feet up,
drinking a glass of wine, watching her
husband cook her a meal.’”

I was talking about this with a friend and she said, ‘Because you blossomed into the sort of person who attracted a man like that. And you learned how to treat yourself so well—on your own—that when someone came along who treated you well, you finally recognized what that feels like.’”

For those who are wondering whether they have the right man or for those who are still waiting for The One, this isn’t such a bad benchmark.

Gilbert is the author of the bestselling book Eat, Pray, Love. Click through the gallery to see her other titles.

PHOTO: ElizabethGilbert.com

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