Can’t agree on where to spend Christmas this year? We’ve devised three simple ways to make sure that all remain calm and cheery this Yuletide season!

1. Make a trade.
If you and your husband decide to spend Christmas with his family up in Baguio this year, make sure that you two are able to come down in time to spend New Year’s with your family. And to keep them from feeling like they got the short end of the stick, make your New Year’s celebration just as grand. Go all out with the countdown, the feast, and the fireworks. Next year, reverse the arrangements. Spend Christmas with your family and New Year’s with his.

2. Celebrate with the entire clan.

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Another option is to bring the two families together. Organize a huge Christmas celebration where each family is given a specific responsibility. For example, your man’s parents can be in charge of the décor while your own mom and dad can be in charge of the food. You can also try hosting a Christmas party at your place and invite both families over. That way, there’s no risk of hurting anyone’s feelings.

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3. Have an intimate Christmas.
If none of those options will work, simply spend your Christmas privately. Book a romantic getaway with your husband out of town to avoid tension between your families. Just remember to give them a call when the clock strikes midnight or have a quick Skype session with them.

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