Dating in your 20s is different from dating in your 30s. For one, you have more experience under your belt. Your tastes have also probably changed and so have your priorities. Scroll down below and see how much you and your outlook on love have changed since then.

Going on your first date
20s: You want to do something fun and exciting.30s: You’re looking for a decent guy whom you *might* consider getting in a relationship with. When it comes to PDA
20s: You hold hands all the time and occasionally whisper sweet nothings at each other.  
30s: Aside from the usual hand-holding you’re more shy and careful when it comes to showing your affection–everything happens in private
When it comes to paying the check
20s: "He paid the bill! He’s such a gentleman."30s: "He better pay the bill, or there won't be a second date."When choosing the guys you date
20s: You prefer to choose someone more appealing and attractive. 
30s: A man of good character would most likely win over your heart. Looks are just a bonus.On dating a bad a guy… and regretting it.
20s: "Was it because of me?"
30s: "Hah. His loss."
When it comes to finding common ground
20s: You would choose someone with the same interests as you do.30s: You’d rather date a man who shares the same goals.On dealing with heartbreak
20s: You cry your heart out and think of things you can do to win him back.30s: You still cry your heart out, but you move on with your head up high because you know you deserve better. Now, you’re stronger and wiser.

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