We knew drinking coffee has several good effects on our health, but this study just gave us the best news ever: Coffee might actually help our relationships!

The link between relationships and coffee came from a study published in the Journal of Family Psychology by Maranges and McNulty that linked being well-rested to relationship satisfaction. They found that partners are happier with their relationships on days when they got more sleep. This is because with quality rest, people are better-equipped to deal with stressful situations without letting it affect their overall view of their relationship. Interesting! (via HelloGiggles.com

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So where does coffee come in? It's when couples don't get enough sleep...because, as well know, life happens and we don't always get enjoy six to eight hours of sleep every night. According to Psychology Today, a caffeinated beverage is necessary when one didn't get a healthy amount of sleep, which helps keep a person awake and responsive throughout the day. Think of it as a temporary solution!

So the next time you stayed up late for a client presentation or even a night out with your gals, drink a cup of coffee in the morning so you can stay happy in your relationship. *winks*

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