In this day and age, there are many ways to get a guy to notice you. You can impress him with your knowledge of video games, post a really hot photo of yourself on Instagram, or send him cute stickers via Facebook. One way or another, he’ll get the message. But do you really want him to just notice you or do you want him to be utterly seduced? That’s what we thought, too, so we turned to some of our favorite classic movies for advice.

Scroll down to see how Brigitte Bardot, Elizabeth Taylor, and Sophia Loren made their silver screen partners head over heels in love (or lust) with them.

Be just a tiny bit brazen.
Tap into your inner Brigitte Bardot and draw men to you like bees to honey by being confident with your sexuality. Let it show in the way you smile (or maybe pout), speak, or ride a bicycle as Brigitte often does in ...And God Created Woman (1956)—the film that many believe sealed the French actress’s reputation as a sex symbol. Considering that she begins the movie sunbathing out in the garden (right where the laundry is hung to dry, yet with nary a stitch on her), we can’t help but nod our heads in agreement.

Here is a character who is not only confident enough to bare her body out in the open, but she's also confident enough to actually carry a conversation sans clothes (yes, it does actually happen). Her brazenness may be shocking, but it’s also undeniably alluring.

Command his attention with your eyes.
Channel Elizabeth Taylor and make even the most powerful men succumb to your charms by using your eyes to convey your heart’s desire. In Cleopatra (1963), one of the most expensive films ever created, Elizabeth used her seductive peepers to capture Julius Caesar’s and Mark Antony’s affections. Whether she was seductively looking at them from her bed or glaring daggers at them in a rage, the Hollywood actress let her eyes do all the talking, and yes, all the seducing.

While her character’s makeup is part of what makes her eyes so mysterious (get the look here), what really makes Elizabeth’s eyes so attractive is that she isn’t afraid to look at her men in the eye. The sheer boldness of the move is nothing short of smoldering.

Move those hips.
Sophia Loren
’s hips don’t lie. In the movie Marriage Italian Style (1964), the actress commands attention by walking through the streets of Naples with her hips swinging left and right. She moves with a purpose. Her back is straight and her head is held high, making her hourglass figure even more prominent.

It’s a simple tweak in posture. Take baby steps and practice walking with your back straight but not stiff. It will make you look taller and give your boobs an instant lift. Stop shuffling about when you walk and consciously put lift your feet and put one foot in front of another. You might be surprised at just how many second glances you get on your way to grab lunch.

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(L-R: Screencap from Cleopatra courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, screencap from ...And God Created Woman courtesy of Kingsley-International Pictures, screencap from Marriage Italian Style courtesy of Embassy Pictures)

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