Have you ever had a heated argument with your partner thru text? While it’s not advisable to discuss important matters through your smart phones, fighting over text can actually be helpful in some way.

According to digital life expert Christen Rochon, “Sharing text messages is an additional communications tool that gives users a chance to stop, think, and verbalize feelings in ways that face-to-face communications can’t. I’m an avid believer that texting often requires you to think before pressing Send.”

Some people get too caught up in a face-to-face argument that they let their emotions cloud their judgment. They tend to focus on proving that they’re right whether by raising their voices or by choosing hurtful words. If you and your man fight over the phone, you’ll have more time to think of what you really want to express. You can avoid saying anything you might regret in the future.


PHOTO: Pixabay

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