How do you know whether he’s right for you or not? According to OKCupid, you only need to ask your guy three questions—and no, they're not about religion, money, or even family! In a survey involving 34,260 participants, researchers found out that you only need to ask him if he: a. has traveled around on his own in a different country before, b. likes horror movies, and c. is happy to leave everything behind and live on a sailboat.


Do these questions seem weird to you? Maybe at first glance. However, Christian Rudder, one of the company owners, says it’s not about whether he likes horror films or not anyway, but whether you two are on the same page about certain things. In fact, 32 percent of happy couples agreed on their answers to these questions.

While this probably won't predict how long you and your man will be together
these questions can probably give you more insight—we do think it would be fun to know how much or how little you two agree on these matters.

The good news is that you can easily ask these questions without looking like you’re too eager for him to commit ASAP. They don't just make for a good ice breaker, but also give you a closer look into the kind of person he is.

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