Labels often don’t matter, but sometimes when you’re in the middle of something that seems to be growing too fast or too deep for you, you look for names that you can describe them with to at least have a handle on the situation. During the fun and nervous time of dating, the question of your status is always a head-scratcher that even you yourself can’t define what exactly is going on.

So are you exclusively dating or are you in an official relationship? To help you out, here are a few clues to see whether are not kayo na nga.

Exclusive: Only the two of you and a few close friends know about your thing.
You talk to your friends about this really great guy that you’re going out with, but when you’re asked “kayo na ba?” you (vehemently) say no. Not a lot of people know about your ka-MU-han, but you feel that there’s a chance that you’re on to something good.

Official: You introduce each other as boyfriend/girlfriend.

You’re each other’s S.O.’s and you tell everyone, including your parents, about it.

Exclusive: You date, but without the labels.

You go out often. You go together to public events. You cuddle, and maybe indulge in a smooch or two, but you have an emotional barrier that you don’t cross.

Official: You date, and you go beyond that.
Your relationship goes beyond dates and the usual “good night” texts. You start having deeper discussions on what the two of you really have, and even talk about non-romantic things, such as errands and routines.

Exclusive: You don’t see other people, but you’re still not yet sure about what you really feel for each other.
You know for a fact that you like this person, but you still can’t say that you love him enough to totally commit yourself to him. You’re probably on your way to that, though.

Official: You don’t see other people, because you love each other.
It’s as simple as you don’t want to be with another because you’re happy with who you are with.

Exclusive: You like where things are going, but you’re not yet ready for anything serious.
You’re always kilig to see each other, and you have butterflies in your stomach every time he inches close. However, there are still a lot of things stopping you from making things official, such as unresolved personal issues and recent break-ups.

Official: You want to see where things will go from here, so you take it to the next level.
You finally feel that you’ve met the right person at the right time, and there’s no stopping you from getting together for real.

Exclusive: You only plan until the next couple of weeks.
You’ll probably go out next week. Maybe you’ll surprise him with baon you made for him the week after that. There are no long-term promises for now, and you’re content with that.

Official: You plan the next few years together.
You plan for the next week, month, and year. As you progress through your relationship, you’ll probably plan forever together, but for now, the thought of your first anniversary seems quite nice.



PHOTO: Pixabay

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