It’s every unassuming Pinay’s problem. When a guy asks you to hang out, does it mean that he just wants to hang out with you or does he want to go out go out with you? What’s the difference between going out for coffee and going out for dinner? In response to this dating conundrum, The Huffington Post created a hilarious chart below.

Kidding aside, how do you really know whether you’re on a date or not? Our readers weigh in on the issue:

“I never assume, unless the person tells me it’s a date. But of course, there are giveaways like when they bring flowers, take you to a romantic dinner. It’s hard to tell especially if it’s like a friend or an acquaintance.” –Bianca, 24

“I know it’s a date when he makes an effort to be extra sweet. Also, kapag nag-aya siya ng isa pang lakad.” –Mina, 30

“If he takes me somewhere fancy, it’s a date. But if it’s just Aling Nena’s canteen, then he probably just wants to vent about his job or his ex.” –Carla, 28

“It’s in the way they ask. If they sound a little hesitant, that means they’re worried that I might say no, so it’s probably a date because there’s a fear of rejection.” –Lana, 32

“Usually, I always assume it is when I’m asked out except nalang with friends talaga whom I consider as siblings na. Feeling ko kasi, wala ka namang reason to hang out with or ask a girl out if it’s not a date or if you're not interested. Kasi most probably, he has friends he could hang out with naman.” –Jona, 25

“It’s a date when either the guy or I dress up for it.” –Cathy, 26

Siguro if he picks me up, insists on paying for everything and also brings me home (kung stanger or we just met). Kung friends naman kami before, it would be date if he didn’t act like his usual self (being too gentlemanly, kind and caring) plus when he texts me after that and brings it up again after a few days.” –Ana, 25

PHOTO: Takemeomeo/Pixabay; GIFS:

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