There are a lot of single men around you, yet you decide to set your eyes on a man who’s already in a serious and committed relationship–with me.

You have this friendship; I get that. But there’s a visible line between being friendly and coming off as a flirt. I know you’re educated enough to know the difference between the two, but you let your heart take control instead of being rational and moral about it. We’ve all been there, loving or wanting someone we can’t have, but that’s how life goeswe can’t always get what we want.

You knew from the start that we were together but still, you kept sending him "friendly" messages and using your common interests to keep him hooked on talking to you. You posted cryptic tweets expressing your sadness over a person who’s already in a relationship–it doesn’t make sense.

Why want a person who has someone else?

Being friendly and civil with you at one point was nerve-racking. All these doubts filled my mind. I want you to imagine yourself in my position. What would you do if someone else was trying to take your man away from you? That another woman is trying to win his attention, affection, and love through a seemingly innocent friendship? It's painful and as much as I dont want you to break off this bond youve had for two years, it still bothers me that your intentions arent clear. Because deep inside, I know you’re waiting, hoping that someday, he would like you. You might not have said anything, but I feel it.

You’re hurting me, but most of all youre hurting yourself.

You two have been friends for two years, yet he has not made a move on you. You met him first, but he fell in love with me. I may not be the prettiest, nor the smartest, but he saw something in me that other people didn’t see. There’s someone out there for you. Please stop hurting yourself because I know you deserve someone who would give his all for you.

*As told to Female Network

Minor edits have been made by the editors.

PHOTO: Pixabay

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