For some, living with their in-laws is wonderful, but for others, it can be a trying experience. Everyone has heard stories of how horrible mothers-in-law can be to their son's wives or how fathers-in-law tend to shy away from getting in between their wives and their daughters-in-law. Some of them might be exaggerated, while some may be true, but if you're living with your in-laws or just about to move in with them, here's a list of things that only you might be able to relate to!

Your mother-in-law is always right.
No matter how petty the issue is, your mom-in-law will always want to have the last say, and it should stay that way. Her rules are set in stone and should be followed. You cannot question them. Your husband's family calls it pakikisama.

Your paella will never make the cut.

Neither will your adobo, sinigang or menudo. Your mother-in-law’s cooking is the best there is at home and even if you went to cooking school, your restaurant-worthy cooking just can't compare to hers. You can get her approval though by asking her for tips on how she cooks her own specialties in the kitchen.

They still have a say in your husband’s life.
Never mind that he’s already in his late 30s and can make decisions for himself. When it comes to their son, your husband's parents will always want to have a say in the matter.

You get criticized. A lot.
Not that they do it intentionally, it’s just that your in-laws are so used to doing things a certain way that when you change things up, they can't help but react. Don’t take it personally.

You’re expected to help around the house.
Like everyone else in the household, you’re supposed to do the chores and contribute to the payment of family expenses, but you’re also expected not to get in the way while they also do their own thing. You’re not allowed to do the easy chores either.

You will always be compared.
Whether it is to one of your husband's ex-girlfriends or to a member of the family, you will always be sized up for how you look like, what you do, and how you are as a person, especially when you make a mistake. Rarely will your in-laws like you right away, but don’t worry, they’ll eventually see why their son married you in the first place. Just remember to be yourself.

You'd rather not have a say in family arguments.
However, they will ask you for your opinion and before you know it, you’re already a part of something you didn't want to be a part of the first place. Tread lightly when you’re asked for an opinion because what you have to say might be misunderstood. Trust us: You don't want to be seen as the kontrabida in this family teleserye.

You’re invisible unless needed.
There are instances when you actually feel invisible because you go through the entire day, a week even, without being noticed by your in-laws. Until a situation comes up that needs your attention and just like magic, you're visible again.

It feels like living in Big Brother’s house.
Your every action is evaluated; you feel like you’re being watched 24/7. Your in-laws will always have something to say about you. It's not the easiest arrangement in the world, but until you and your husband can move out and build your own nest, you'll just have to learn how to get along.

PHOTO: AJU_Photography/Flickr Creative Commons

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