Love is a beautiful thing; it makes you feel happy and inspired. But if things take a wrong turn in any of your relationships, it could also be one of the most painful feelings you’ll experience. Here, our GIRLTalkers share their sad stories on being replaced, rejected, and cheated on.

Rejection. Biglaan kasi eh. Akala ko everything was okay tapos one day bigla na lang "I think we should cool off" then boom, the month after that, may girlfriend na siyang iba. Ang saya ko lang nung after three weeks nakipag-break din girlfriend niya sa kanya. –from GIRLTalker luisacart

Keeping myself awake up to the wee hours of the morning kahit may pasok tomorrow because he wants me to wait for him while he's having a drinking session with his barkada, and with the girl he had an affair with. I thought walang nangyayaring fishy but I was wrong. He also denied me as his girlfriend upfront. –from GIRLTalker miztweetyr

When he had his group of friends na sobrang daming magaganda at sexy, lahat single, then after a few months, he doesn’t love me na daw. He asked for a cool-off, then after breakup na. I asked him what the reason was: He just couldn't see himself living with me until forever. –from GIRLTalker super bratinella

Emailing, chatting, phone calls, and exchanging text messages with each other every day for almost a decade then finding out that he had been sleeping with a next-door neighbor all along. And all of your kababata knew about it, they just didn’t want to tell you 'cause masasaktan ka. –from GIRLTalker Romina

I won't go into detail pero yung I was really played. What I thought was care and love for me kaya he didn't want to let me go was just selfishness on his part. He just needed me around. And I cried like anything to the extent na nagkaroon ako ng anxiety attack hindi talaga ako nakakatulog masyado nun and there was this time na from night until morning I was crying so hard! I didn't even know what I was feeling or thinking then. –from GIRLTalker RhineandGlam

Found out from my guy's sister that he has another girl. I confronted him but he denied it to death, pero totally cold na siya sa relationship namin. I broke up with him and he readily accepted it na parang he's just waiting for me to break up with him. Tapos ako pa pinalabas na masama, na may trust issues daw ako kaya okay lang sa kanya na mag-break kami. I investigated on him and found out that he really has a new girl. –from GIRLTalker prettygurl00001

The most painful for me was loving his family, and when we broke up I know I have to end the relationship with his family too. Until now, I know I've moved on from our break up but how I wish I could still spend time with his family especially with his mom. –from GIRLTalker charmed_gal

I think, for me, the constant relapse. With my last relationship, we were on and off and I felt like whenever I would start to recover, he'd come back. We'd be happy then he'd leave again. I just felt so emotionally and mentally battered. And sometimes, when I'd look back, I'd realize that that relationship took so much from memy passion for the things I once loved, my skills, my faith, my innocence, everything. It was like I lost myself just to sustain what we had. –from GIRLTalker mooncake and leaves

He wanted to break up with me for some other woman he met at his new work and I practically begged para lang hindi niya ko iwan. I tried everything to change our relationship.. Eventually ayaw niya na talaga. I'm okay now since I found new love, but I'm disgusted and still cringe at the thought that I begged and pleaded. I learned my lesson already. –from GIRLTalker snix


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