Whether they're trying to get out of a sticky situation, avoid answering a tricky question, or find a way out after they’re caught cheating, men, well, some of them anyway, have a go-to list of lame excuses they use. Here are just some of them!

“I didn’t tell you because I knew you would get mad.”
Honesty is still the best policy. Your man should be mature enough to face the consequences of his actions. Otherwise, he's nothing but a coward.

“If you really love me, you’ll do it.”
What is he—14 years old? If a man uses this line on you, ditch him ASAP. You deserve someone who won't use emotional blackmail to coerce you into doing something you're not ready to do.

“There’s no need to get married since we love each other.”
It’s possible that he had a traumatizing experience with his previous relationship or is just afraid of commitment. If you two have been together for a long time and you want to get married, you should think twice before you continue dating a guy who has no future plans with you.

“Sorry, I was a bit busy and I wasn’t able to call you.”
A quick phone call will only take a few minutes of his time. Consider the possibility that he’s just not that into you.

“I’ll make it up to you. I promise.”
Actions speak louder than words. While other guys really do make it up to their girlfriends, some men use this line just to pacify you for the time being.

“My boss is asking me to work overtime.”
There's nothing wrong with being a hard worker, but if working overtime has gone from once a week to every day, than it’s about time you sit down and have a serious talk with him.

“I can’t commit now because I’ve been hurt in the past.”
Then why is he seeing other women now? Love isn’t a game. If he's not ready, then he shouldn't be leading women on, thinking that they have a chance with him.

“It was just one time.”
If he did it once, he could do it again and again. If he's serious about changing his bad habits and becoming a better partner, he needs to commit to making a change. You need his time and effort–not his lame excuses.

SCREENCAP: Crazy, Stupid, Love/Warner Bros. Pictures (2011)

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