There’s nothing more painful than knowing that your current flame is still thinking about his ex-girlfriend. The worst part of it is when you find out that he's only dating you just to get over his ex. No woman wants to be a rebound girl. As hard as it is to face, here are signs that you may actually be one.

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He’s too eager.
He’s too enthusiastic to go out on dates with you, even though he had just recently gotten out of a relationship.

He’s dating a little too soon.
Studies show that it takes about three months to mend a broken heart. If he's dating way before the three-month mark, he's not likely to be serious about you.

He’s focused on the physical rather than the emotional.
There are a lot of intimate moments between you two but the moment you open up about your feelings about him, he shuts down.

He doesn’t talk about his future plans with you.
Whenever you raise the topic of a long-term commitment, he shrugs it off or simply ignores it. It could be a sign that he’s only looking for a short-term fix for his broken heart.

He always mentions that you look a lot like his ex.
No girl wants to be a substitute. If he can't stop pointing out the similarity in your features, you might want to think twice if you want to stay with him or not.

He knows only a few things about you
…like your favorite color or the food you like best, but when it comes to your passions and hobbies, he’s clueless. This is understandable if you two are just starting out, but if you have been seeing each other for quite some time, that’s a red flag.

He has no intention of introducing you to his family.
Meeting the important people in his life is a big thing. If he's adamant about keeping your relationship just between the two of you, he may not be serious with you.

He keeps talking about his ex.
If his former flame keeps coming up during discussions, it only means she’s still on his mind.

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