1. You get asked about marriage almost every single time.
Everyone in the family wants to know when you’re going to tie the knot. Even people you've just met want to know when you’re going to tie the knot.

2. You have your own world.

You have your own language and your own inside jokes. You don't care that other people think you're weird as long as you're weird together.

3. You have mastered posting acceptable levels of sap on social media.

You no longer flood your friends' Facebook feed with "Beh, I love you so much" or "Hubby, I miss you, too!" Hashtags like #mayforever, #luckygirl, or #soulmate also take a back seat.

4. Anniversaries are sacred.
Your date nights might be more low-key compared to when you first started dating, but anniversaries call for major planning. Read: You file for a leave on your anniversary.

5. You can no longer relate to your single friends.
Why is Stacey dating X and Y when she already likes Z again?

6. You have matching his and hers outfits.

Whether you wear them together or not doesn't matter—we know you have at least one.

7. Perfect is overrated.

Just because you’ve been together for many years doesn’t mean your relationship is 100 percent solid. In fact, the longer you two are together, the more flaws you see. But because you're in it for the long haul, you also don't mind them as much. You've learned to look beyond the little things and appreciate your relationship as it is.

PHOTO: Alan/Flickr Creative Commons; GIFs: Giphy

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