She’s a great fit with our friends.
We love our boys. Women may come and go in our lives, but our boys will always stay with us. We may be attracted to you, but you won’t be a keeper if you can’t get along with our barkada. Sure, they won’t have the final word on who we’ll marry, but we wouldn’t want to be put in a position where we’ll need to choose between you and our friends.

She’s an awesome financial manager.
When we start to work and earn our own money, we got excited to spend our hard-earned income on things we like. Sometimes, it makes us spend more than we earn. That spending becomes double when one is in a relationship. As we look for our partner in life, we’d like to be with someone who knows how to handle her own money, as well as help us manage our own.

She’s naturally caring.
A girl who takes care of her friends and family will be an ideal type to marry as she will surely become a good mother to our child.

She knows how to cook.
She doesn’t need to be the female Gordon Ramsay or the next Master Chef winner. However, she does have to know more than just how to fry hotdogs. We’d like to cook for you as well, but let’s not make it a one-way street.

She is confidently independent…
A woman who exudes confidence gives us the assurance that she knows how to take care of herself and make important decisions on her own even without us by her side. In marriage, both husband and wife are joined to be together for the rest of their lives, but it doesn’t literally mean that you’ll be by each other’s side every single moment.

…but she still makes us feel needed.
Still, it’s a fact that we love to take care of our women. While we would love for her to be independent, we want to be there for her when she is at her weakest. We still want to be the pillar that you can cling to no matter how strong you are.

She is beyond physical attraction.
I’m not talking about one’s “inner beauty” here. Of course we would be attracted by your looks first. Good looks and a good figure are key traits that would capture a guy’s attention 95 percent of the time. However, when we are looking to settle down, we’d love to be with someone who can keep a good conversation going.

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