Dating in your 20s can be fun and exciting–from late-night partying to long, sweet conversations on the phone. But when you reach your 30s, the dating scene and your standards will have changed. Here, seven struggles you'll inevitably have to wrestle with.

The pool of guys has suddenly become smaller
…since most of the good guys are already taken.

You're too busy with your career.

While the yuppies have the time to go out and meet new people, you have no time for dates and even struggle to make time for yourself. #Martyr

You’re somehow scared to make the same mistakes.
… so you’re pickier when it comes to guys.

You’ve dated so many people, you're starting to feel a little jaded.
From the douchebag to the gentleman, you’ve met and dated them all. While the whole dating scene can be exhausting, each dinner or movie date can be considered a lesson learned while waiting for Mr. Right.

Younger kids have started asking you out.

"Hi, I’m Kyle, I just graduated from university. Are you free tonight?" Your response? "No, I know your kuya!" #Awkward

You meet a lot of guys who have no plans of committing just yet.
While you’re ready to commit to a long-term relationship, there are some guys who are way too single and ready to mingle. Clearly, they are not ready to settle down yet.

Many of the guys you’ll meet probably already have a kid from a previous relationship.
…and now you also have to win his kid’s affection–but hey, no worries because you love kids!

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